Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Urban Shakedown feat Mickey Finn - Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) / somejustice.rar (MOD file)

As an added bonus, here’s a MOD file for “Some Justice”. I don’t think it’s the original since they supposedly used two amigas for that, and I’m pretty sure MED/Octamed had its own format for files. Still, it’s fun to see someone manage to cram the whole song into 4 channels. To play it, you either need a compatible audio player (winamp on PC, not sure what works for mac), or a full blown tracker program.
edit: you also need a program to uncompress this RAR file since my hosting company is disallowing files of extention type .MOD for some reason :?
If anyone has any other oldschool-related MOD files, send them my way!
Finally, here’s some scans of an article on Urban Shakedown from some Amiga magazine in 92… click on the images to see full size scans. Thanks to whoever originally posted these on DOA!

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